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How did you come up with your brand name - This is The Uniform?

It is something that I never questioned, funnily enough. I used to live in Deptford, where on Sunday on the bus you would have the African women dressed up in their beautiful batik outfits with their children matching, and that was their Sunday best. Then you’d have the other guy, sat on the other side of the bus, who was proper cockney London in a grey Adidas tracksuit, and that was his. It was the idea of using clothing as a uniform, and the name was a bit of a piss-take, "We’re going to make clothes and this is what you would be wearing – This is the uniform." It was always a bit tongue in cheek and that has been carried through in most of what we do. We find it important not to take ourselves too seriously.

What about the colour red and the sheer fabric that keep popping up in your collections?

I love the colour, I love the aesthetic of it and I like its connotations – it’s very strong in my mind. Sheer always surprises me for its power. I can go out wearing this outfit (one of her signature sheer tracksuit bottoms and a shirt), with a fairly long shirt and not particularly exposing any areas of my body, and the reaction it commands is totally different from if I was just wearing this shirt with a skirt, showing the same amount of skin. It has to do with that layer over the skin, it’s quite provocative. I think originally it was there because it was a massive juxtaposition to streetwear. We started to work with jogging bottoms and we were really exploring how we could either soften or subvert their meaning – it’s that sort of binaries that I find really interesting.

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