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Chatting Kwik Save and Vicky Pollard with The New York Times

The lead up to fashion week each season isn't just full on, it's sleep deprived to the point of hallucination, sewing three garments at once at 3am, running across town and crying hysterically in the street when four haberdashery shops don't have THAT zip. It was at this point that the lovely Osman Ahmed contacted me to chat about the brand for his article on British designers for The New York Times. It was awful, we missed each other due to time differences, missed messages and my sporadic bouts of having to breath into a paper bag.

So it was the day after the show, after I had just enjoyed my first night of sleep for a good few weeks, that we finally got to talk, me in NYC on my borrowed AirBnB bed, Osman at home in London. We talked Kwik Save, Vicky Pollard and my knackered fingers.

Read the full article HERE >>>

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