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'It's what we live for, right?'

When I first spoke to Jeff Vincente from Cutler we were both exhausted. It was late in the evening for me, sat on the studio stairs having a sneaky roll up, and early for him, running around NYC, organising. But we were both ready to sleep for a week. It was the run up to NYFW and Jeff told me they were supporting countless shows that season, ours being one of them. It didn't let up. On our first meeting, our immediate tired hugs brought us together, and I was reminded of what Jeff had said to me on the phone that first night - 'its what we live for, right?' I had agreed.

And he is so right. Show day was here and the Cutler team arrived in force, and as it does, it all just sort of happened. Electric atmosphere, girls everywhere, constantly gramming, even me on my hands and knees taping bloody crosses to the floor of the set felt weirdly exhilarating. Linh, the lead hair artist, and most lovely guy EVER, and myself, had hatched our plan for the girls hair a few days before in my bedroom, and it was FUN. Linh used the buckles we had used for so many pieces in the collection to thread the hair through, creating a slick, uniformed pony. No frills all the way, it appeared makeshift, but it was by no means basic.

Within an hour it was over. Buckles stripped from the hair, and a LOT of red make up EVERYWHERE. Me and Jeff and Linh hugged goodbye, still knackered, but satisfied, knowing that we had just created something really fucking cool.

Thank you to Jeff and Linh, and the whole team at Cutler. You are amazing.

#fashionweek #nyfw #madefw #thisistheuniform #model #fw16

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