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This Is Youth - Deuxhommes

"If my high school uniform consisted of designer Jenna Young’s color and texture-heavy hand, I may have attended class more. At This Is The Uniform’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection at New York Fashion Week, a deconstructive mélange of metallics, fishnets and a glorious everything-but-the-kitchen-sink mentality — in the best way possible — crowded MILK Studios.

It was a collision of things we know: fishnets, stripped down from their usual connotations and reclaimed as tunics, were slit, retied and flowing to the ground. Tweed wasn’t stuff – it was oversized and utilized as a crisp crop, the black and white hues falling apart towards the bottom to make way for a dash of bold yellow. Oxfords were in the form of shifts and strapped in (quite literally) with color-blocked straps. Tennis skirts paired with slinking bandeaus and tassel jackets. Sheer was here and there and everywhere with peek-a-boo knickers under gaucho trousers and staple t-shirts getting the anti-opaque treatment. Metallic mini-dresses shimmered in a style completely out of this world.

The line explored the essence of London’s coming-of-age with pieces that were essential landmarks of youth."

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