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Almost Cool

Gotta say chatting to Lucy Norris for Showstudio was the most enjoyable moment of the presentation. What a babe.

"What a joyously authentic designer. Her first season at Fashion East, we chatted all things Blackpool, and then Abbey Clancy walked in. I was well and truly in the North West. We laughed about how our mums used to buy us those ‘almost cool’ items, which left you bereft, as a teenager. Young’s sartorial horror story was being bought a tracksuit with four stripes instead of three; she never wore it. The designer laughed how this collection had been a form of therapy – hence, her cathartic obsession with the things she feels she sometimes missed out on. Reclaiming the past, she took the stripes and ribboned them, hanging them loose over white dresses or using them as strapping. One dress was covered in red badges. Young said that this linked into the idea too of desperately wanting to be part of a club – but still kind of managing to get it wrong. Technically, the thing she was most proud of is the latticed skirts and tops. They were made of thin rolled and hand stitched tubes of sweatshirt fabric."

Read it HERE.

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