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This Is The Uniform in GARAGE Magazine


Chatting Kwik Save, Vicky Pollard and bleeding fingers with Osman Ahmed for The New York Times.



"Young looked to ‘No Frills,’ a basics line by the now-defunct British budget supermarket Kwik Save. “The idea was that everything excessive was taken away so that there was no color on the packaging and it was devoid of any character,” she says. Her interpretation includes duct tape darting on dresses, cheap nylon straps on English wool tops and tracksuits hand-woven from acetate ribbon and webbing — the fabric used most commonly for seatbelts. She still has the cuts on her fingers from the 38 hours it took to weave a single jacket."

We have launched Uniform Basics - a collection of classic pieces which embody This Is The Uniform, and will be available all year round - a true Uniform.

Each season, new items will be added to the store, in new colour ways.


Basics pieces are focussed on simplicity and wearability, and versatility. Layered up or down, these are perfect additions to your wardrobe, yet adding a distinct This Is The Uniform element to any look. 


All basics are produced in house at our London studio. 


Shop it HERE. 

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